About Me

I'm Allan. Welcome to the soon-to-be Philippine travel guide! My goal is to provide a portal for everyone that wants to see the Philippines.

My Road to being a Digital Nomad

I'm a search marketer by trade. (Hire me!). I'm currently working from home. It's a full-time gig with a Malaysian company. I'm not allowed to discuss the nature of the business - NDA and all that. My goal is to become a digital nomad. I'm aiming for around 4 hours per day of work - not 4 hours per week. ha!

The first step to doing that is to get an arrangement where I can work a few hours but get enough income to pay the bills. And of course, to have enough to travel. It's both a passion and a necessity. I need first hand experience to be able to provide insights on the places I'll write about. Getting my own photos would be nice, too.

About this blog

I wanted to make a travel guide to help people when planning their out-of-town trips. My usual trick is to read around 15 blogs or so before even making my itinerary. Most blogs are all about the experience of the authors. That's not a bad thing. Personal stories are what makes blogs a blog. But I saw a gap in the comments section. People are asking for information - about transportation, directions, accommodation and such. I said I could fill that! Thus, this blog was born.

At first, I didn't know how to lay out the information while also telling my story. My first plan was to create two pages and separate them. In the end, I decided to just append my tale at the bottom - Only for serious readers. Planners can skim the post and find what they need. Win-win!


About Me

I used to have a blog before. But it was more of a personal one. I wrote about everything going on in my life and nobody really cared. This time, I decided to focus and cover only one field - travel.


There you have it. I hope you enjoy my posts.

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