Gulugod Baboy Travel Guide

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Gulugod Baboy Travel Guide

On this post, I will cover the basics of going to Gulugod Baboy Ridge. This is part of my ultimate list of Philippine Mountains.

For new peeps, I have templates for the first two and last paragraphs. This allows me to publish travel guides quicker. I have 2 sections on every post. If all you need are the deets to help you plan, feel free to browse using the provided table of content below. If you want to hear my Gulugod Baboy Ridge story, it's at the last part. I promise it's awesome! Thanks in advance. 🙂

Table of Content


How to get there:

NOTE: All transportation details will be coming from Manila. Send me a message if you'll be coming from somewhere else. I'll research it and add it to the post. TIA.

Where to Stay:


Things to do:



My Story:

I will write about my trip to Gulugod Baboy soon. For the meantime, please enjoy images from when I went there.

Hike Pics:

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Hey! It's so nice of you to reach this part. I hope you enjoyed my post about Gulugod Baboy Ridge. I know it's not much but it's a complete travel guide. Everything you need to know should be there.

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Again, Thank you. You are awesome! 🙂

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  1. Berylyn

    How to go there? And would there be tour guides? I will be coming from lipa.

    1. Allan

      Hi Berlyn,

      I apologize. I wouldn’t know how to go there from Lipa city. May I offer some excerpts from the lonely travelogue

      From the Batangas city terminal, take a jeep going to Mabini. Jeep’s last stop is in Anilao, yes the famous diving spot. Travel time 45-60 minutes. 
      From Anilao take a tricycle going to Philpan Resort. And there after paying the fee you are ready to go =)

      You can read more here.

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