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Advertise On The Blog Now

This site is targeted to those interested in going around the Philippines and I offer very competitive blog advertising rates.

Around 50% of the audience is from the Philippines, 20% from the USA and the rest made up of Australia (5%), Canada (4%), and Taiwan (2.5%) with the remaining percentage coming from all over the world.


Award Winning Blog

The blog has won a number of awards - 0 to be exact!


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Traffic Statistics

The blog is constantly growing so you can see the live traffic statistics for the past 45 days below. This is updated automatically everyday.


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Sidebar 250×250 Banner

The main banner space in the sidebar is the 250×250 banner.

This is sold on a fixed monthly fee.


Sponsored Blog Post

This is the ultimate advertising option on the blog.

A post about your service or product personally hand written by me and promoted to my audience. I have a reputation for producing high quality, engaging, helpful content and can do the same for you. It will also become part of my engagement promotion as I use it to answer peoples questions across the web.

If you want a video produced to compliment the post it will cost +50% of the current sponsored blog post rate.

I will provide an honest and upfront review of your product/service and where possible deliver transparent case study results of how it performed in a live case study.

These posts will use my affiliate links where possible and the post will be labelled as sponsored appropriately to remain transparent with my audience. All links will be nofollow.

If you are willing to offer prizes for a competition and an exclusive discount you can remove the sponsored messaging and get additional exposure as well as a burst of sales.

Please be aware if your product/service performs poorly that will be reflected in the review without refund. My readers rely on my upfront, straight to the point transparency. Sponsored post or not this will remain true.

I’m happy to let you know in advance if you are likely to receive a positive or negative review.

Please get in touch with me to discuss before ordering.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about advertising on the blog please read below before getting in touch.

What Are Your Blog Advertising Rates?

My blog advertising prices vary depending on your chosen method of advertising. Please contact me to discuss this option in detail.

Do You Have A Media Kit?

Not at this time, No.

How Does It Work?

Contact me first so we can discuss. I'm not to keen on making money if it will make my site look bad or provide a poor user experience for my audience. They always come first.

I manually review each banner before putting it live to not only protect the integrity of the blog but also to ensure my audience is right for you.

What Can I Advertise?

You can advertise anything you like within reason! My audience love anything to do with travel so bear that in mind!

I reserve the right to reject and refund any advertiser.

Can I Use Affiliate Links?

Yes feel free to submit banners for products using your affiliate links!

How Many Banners Are In Rotation?

I only plan to place 2 - one in the sidebar and one in the footer.

I Have Another Blog Advertising Question

Please contact me if you have any other blog advertising questions.


Or you can use the form below.