Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan Travel Guide

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Patar Beach Travel Guide


On this post, I will cover the basics of going to Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan. This is part of my ultimate list of Philippine Beaches.

For new peeps, I have templates for the first two and last paragraphs. This allows me to publish travel guides quicker. I have 2 sections on every post. If all you need are the deets to help you plan, feel free to browse using the provided table of content below. If you want to hear my Patar Beach and Bolinao falls story, it's at the last part. I promise it's awesome! Thanks in advance. 🙂


Table of Content


How to get there:

NOTE: All transportation details will be coming from Manila. Send me a message if you'll be coming from somewhere else. I'll research it and add it to the post. TIA.

Where to Stay:


Things to do:




My Story:

I will write about my trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan soon. For the meantime, please enjoy images from when I went there.

Patar beach:

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Bolinao Falls 2:

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Bolinao Falls 1:

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Bolinao Lighthouse:

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Enchanted Cave:

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Food Trip:

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Hey! It's so nice of you to reach this part. I hope you enjoyed my post about Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan. I know it's not much but it's a complete travel guide. Everything you need to know should be there.

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  1. Marvi

    Hi! Would like to know the place or the resort you’ve stayed and the budget as well. I clicked on the table of contents and it’s not showing po e. Thank you!

    1. Allan

      Hi Marvi,

      It’s not really a resort. It’s a bahay kubo. No A/C. It’s for P1,500 per night. It can accommodate up to 20 pax (or 30 if siksikan). They have a kitchen and CR inside. There’s a grill outside plus another cottage as a dining area. You are also free to pitch tents up front. 🙂

      Contact is Ate Rose – 0928 281 5199.

      They also allow tents for P300 a night but you have to bring your own.

      1. Annie Robles

        Yung 300 po ba is per tent or kahit na ilan na tent is 300 all in all

      2. Allan

        Hi Annie,

        If you’ll rent the bahay kubo, tent is free. You may set up as many as you want.

        If you’re just going to pitch a tent, it’s 300 per tent.

        Hope that helps.

      3. Joh

        May pix po kayo nun bhy kubo?

  2. joanna

    Hi allan I would like to ask if the kubo is fronting the beach and are there entrance fee on enchanted cave and the falls 1&2? manang rose number is unattended, do have any other contact number so we can book.

    1. Allan

      Hi Joanna. Apologies for the super late reply. Been too busy.

      Yes. The kubo is at the beach. It’s actually the left most property on Patar beach. So you also don’t have neighbors on your left (when facing the beach). Only a whole lot of beach. 🙂

      Yes. The falls 1 and 2 have a ~P20 entrance plus P50 for parking give or take. You can also rent cottages though I’m not sure how much.

      Yes. The enchanted cave also has a fee. I forgot how much but between P300 – P800 per head. It’s actually inside a whole park where there are a bunch of other activities you can do. (Although, I don’t really recommend going here. It sucks!)


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